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State Officers

President: Joel Newcomer 303-660-3596
Vice President: Christy Staab 970-897-2847
Secretary: Janet Rhatigan 303-644-5101
Treasurer: Bonnie Snodgress 303-660-8408  
Contact Joel Newcomer for Checks and Deposits
Youth Representative: Grady Anson & Cody Muse
Chris Rzepiennik  303-718-1595  

Northern Chapter Officers

President: Shandy Staab-Daubert 970-897-2847
Vice President: Christy Staab
Secretary: Stephanie Bushnell 303-287-6223
Treasurer: Kit McCollum 303-875-0772
Larimer Co Fair Show Coordinator: Levi Stockton
Weld Co Fair Show Coordinator Kit McCollum 303-875-0772
Historian: Jim Bushnell 303-598-1708
Youth Representative: Grady Anson & Cody Muse (alternate)
State Reps: Christy Staab, Shandy Staab, Stephanie Bushnell

Southern Chapter Officers

Joel Newcomer 303-660-3596
Vice President: Bart Baker
Secretary/Treasurer: Bonnie Snodgress 303-660-8408
State Reps: Janet Rhatigan , or Bob Snodgress

Northeastern Chapter Officers

President: John Sieck
Vice President: 
Madison Warffeli 970-380-0581
Secretary/Treasurer: Dona McGilvray 970-380-9151
Newsletter: JoAnn Conter
State Reps: John Sieck and Janet Rhatigan

Western Slope Chapter Officers

President Kim Murchison 970-625-1142
Vice President:
State Rep: Sharon McLin

Mountain Chapter Officers

President: Shirleen Hutton 970-858-8500
Vice-President: T.J. Reece 970-260-2692
Secretary/Treasurer: Darleen Dorscher 970-216-3234
State Reps:

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